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Little pieces of ceramic and metal that are placed in the center of the teeth very carefully by the orthodontist in Dehradun. Experience orthodontist works with Dr. Verma dental clinic and we use a special tool to diagnosis the effective teeth. We inform you that to stay brackets strongly. we use strong glue that is very similar to cement. To dry the glue bleu light is used and this light comes from a dental LED curing light apparatus. That protects the patient from the blue light. Orthodontic wires are run in your mouth from bracket to bracket and mostly this pressure is put in your mouth by this arcs. Elastics also used by the orthodontist in Dehradun. These elastics have many categories. Ligature elastics are also known as a o-rings and placed to hold the arch wire in the slot. Another category is inter- arch elastics and the common name of this type is rubber bands. This comes in many different colors.This is used to apply the pressure to maintain the alignment of your bite and help us to reduce the overbite and under bite. When all of these put together in different part, then this is called braces and braces specialist in Dehradun always ready to helps you regarding the dental plant. To maintain proper position your teeth is move after putting the constant pressure on the braces. All orthodontist in Dehradun all are well- trained. The expertise that deals with the diagnosis and prevents dentally irregularities is called as orthodontics. They are expert to fix the teeth in the right positions. People suffer from the many dental problems and these problems are
1. Misalignment of teeth
2. The problem in the growth of jaws.
3. Extra teeth or missing teeth from the jaw.
4. Protrusion and crowding of teeth
5. Tooth spacing problem
6. Retention of baby teeth
7. Cracking teeth Crooked teeth are very difficult to clean up and difficult process to fix the crooked teeth and that way high risk is created and we getting a lost and this also cause the stress on the muscles and also cause a headache.

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